Cedar Bayou Park is an integrated aquatic campus destined to be built and located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The park will incorporate an indoor and outdoor water park along with competitive, therapeutic, and recreational components to provide a uniquely disperse aquatic experience for all ages.

Our mission is to create a sustainable tourist destination based on diverse aquatic experiences that will safely provide health, well-being, and financial benefits to the community.
The Cedar Bayou Park goal is to create a cost effective and energy efficient, diverse aquatic campus.  The facilities will encourage users of all ages, abilities, and aquatic interest to enjoy the multiple components of the park.  We will manage and maintain the facilities for long-term sustainability and profitability.
Create opportunity for current local businesses to participate thus keeping money inside the local area.

Bring tourism and recreational opportunities to the area.

Fills an unmet need recognized by Cedar Rapids Park & Recreation master plan, as one of its top priorities, to add or expand indoor and outdoor pool facilities.  It also provides an aquatic facility for the rapidly growing college community area. Provides a profitable business opportunity. 

Provides other major benefits including:

  • Learn to Swim
  • After School functions
  • Fitness for Life